Cake Cutting Options

You can designate people to cut the cake.

After the cake is cut you can serve the cake or have your guests go through a line.

We can cut the cake for a $50.00 fee

We can cut and serve the cake for $1.00 per person.

Cake Cutting

Traditionally the bride and / or groom often make their toast at this time presenting a perfect photo opportunity. The bride and groom cut the cake where ever they find it easiest forth them to cut and is photogenic for the photographer. The groom places his right hand over the bride's, which holds the knife. Together they cut a small piece from the back bottom tier. Traditionally the groom feeds the bride first, a small mouthful easily washed down by a sip of champagne. Then the bride feeds the groom. Then, if they want they can serve a piece to their in-laws.

As they depart from that cake two people are need at the cake serving table. One person for cutting the cake and a second person should be assisting with the plates so that the person who is actually cutting the cake does not have to handle the plates. The second person had the responsibility of replenishing plates, forks and napkins, removing support plates, legs and etc generally keeping the table tidy. The cake serving person should put on a latex glove on the hand that will not be holding the knife, this protects the guests as well as bring much neater for the cake server. (Using the cake server and the knife to transfer the cake to the plate is slow) The gloved hand is much faster and actually less messy.

Remove the cardboard cover, place in container under the table. A container (tub, box or trash bag) for the plates, legs and etc has been placed under the table for the server's convenience in removing those items from the table.